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Online Reservations

Christmas Day

Christmas Day at the Roslin

Glad tidings of comfort and joy . . .

Celebrate the season with a curious sense of nostalgia.

It was Henry VIII who first placed a plump turkey on his Christmas table.

Dine in the splendour of our award-winning restaurant with a five-course gourmet lunch, where our Turkeys have a tenderness and flavour bewitched to a dark gold and you indulge in foods that seem sacrilegious to eat in any other season

Come sit amongst the abundance of Christmas decorations - this year’s picture book enactment of seasons past.

After the children have attended to beatific vision of their Christmas presents, we have a three-course feast for our smaller friends and a surprise from Santa.  Naughty or nice, we don’t check twice!

For the slightly bigger ones -  taller than the elves, but not as old! (11 – 14) our adult menu is available – slightly smaller, but only half the price.

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